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Marie Grujicic-Delage

Awespire Inc
Los Angeles, California
Marie is born and raised in Paris, she is a former professional dancer, her dancing career is the reason she immigrated to the States. Since 2008 as part of her professional dancer routine she has been a student of yoga 2008, and has evolved herself in the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga. 
She is a E-500 RYT Registered Yoga teacher, she has studied and trained Hot Vinyasa Fusion with with Jacqueline Penta, Power Yoga Bryan Kest, YogaMaze with Noah Maze & Rocky Heron, Wanderlust style Vinyasa with Schuyler Grant and Matt Piphen & Jill Turecki, she was also mentored by Schuyler Grant and Clio Manuelian.

She has hosted an international retreat in South of France and was invited to teach workshops in Tokyo Japan as well as collaborated with various brands to bring awareness to few non profit organizations.
She is an alignment and Vinyasa flow teacher in various studios of Los Angeles. 
In 2017 she created Awespiring Flows, “Awespire,” is more than just an interesting word to Marie. This idea of being in a “state of bliss while staying inspired” is her driving philosophy, like roots to the ground that she walks on.

Marie is obsessed with fluid and sometimes faster paced movement, intricate sequences to train the proprioception, breathwork techniques and desires for others to make it and spirituality a part of their day-to-day with her awespire method and lifestyle.